“This movie should be watched by all Americans…
and by anyone else who needs their faith in the human spirit restored.”


“Unlike other adventure films, this one takes audiences on a ride that spices the adventure with love,
overwhelming charity and unwavering hope. It’s no wonder it won the People’s Choice Award at Banff.”

Joanna Croston, Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

“A film for the ages.”

Kim Fuller, Elevation Outdoors Magazine

“Of all the 463 films that I screened for this years festival, The Bikes of Wrath was the one that truly captured my heart.”

Michelle Souza, AFME

“A wonderful, heart opening project. If it takes 5 non-cycling Australians channeling John Steinbeck’s story
of intra-state immigrants to open our eyes to current realities, so be it.”


“An amazingly poignant, relevant, funny, informative and touching film.
A film I won’t forget. Thank you for creating this piece of art!”

Patti, audience member

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The Bikes of Wrath


The Bikes of Wrath – Oklahoma to California: 2600 kms, 420 dollars, 30 days, 5 bikes, 3 cameras, 2 guitars and one of the most
influential novels of the 20th century — this is a story of adventure, human connection, and an in-depth look at inequality and disenfranchisement
in today’s America through the lens of John Steinbeck’s seminal novel, ‘The Grapes of Wrath’.